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L&L Tiques Inc. was formed in 1999 as a woman-owned business, based in one of the boroughs of New York (Queens). We started out locally, servicing the metropolitan area with unique memorabilia from times gone by. We have been fortunate to build a unique loyal local following, which within a five (5) year period grew our business and reputation to enable us to expand into providing prop work for major movie studios, Broadway and local theatre. We continually keep our customers interested and challenged through continually growing our inventory base.

In our store you will find a vast array of vintage advertising collectible memorabilia, antiques, primitives as well as well-made (always identified as such) reproductions. Some of the wonderful memories we provide are from the late 1860s to today's newest collectibles. Our vintage memorabilia includes advertising products, posters, cardboard and metal signs, Black Americana, historical ephemera; antique toys, political memorabilia, as well as so much more. Our items are a varied level. There is absolutely no doubt that you will find an item that either you are looking for, or you want to browse our store to bring you joy in reminiscing on times gone by.

One-of-a kind items are obtained from estate sales and auctions. Vintage multiple quantity items are called New Old Stock (NOS). New Old Stock items are items that were made in the timeframe noted, however were never sold nor displayed. NOS items come out of country stores, soda plants, dimestores, toy distributorships and carnival supply houses. Most of these types of items will be in near pristine condition – however, as with any old item there will be a certain amount of wear or scratching found on the item.


When possible, we will always carefully describe the condition of boxes, the items themselves, etc. We have several warehouses and barns across the United States (including in Upstate New York), where we house the bulk of our items. We are an ecommerce business. We do not wholesale inventory, however we are always happy to offer a discount for bulk item purchase. Everything sold domestically (USA) even in bulk will receive free shipping.


Our original antiques and primitives are all hand made items dating from the 1800s through the 1940s. No two antiques and primitives are alike (although they will be similar to the photograph). We are a favorite provider to celebrities, interior designers, decorators and restaurants because the items are so unique -- there will be nobody in the world that has the exact same antique or primitive that you will own. The majority of our antiques and primitives come from Europe (Germany, Holland, England and France), India, Canada and China. We have scouts who twice a year pick up these unique items for us. It can take months or even up to a year to find the antiques and primitives that we carry in the quantities that we maintain in the United States.

All of our items can be found on our website. We update our inventory levels daily, as we are consistently getting merchandise into stock. Our current inventory level is at 20,000 pieces at the moment and does change rapidly due to the prop work we do for studios, designers and theatres as well as the design work we provide to decorators and restaurants.


The most effective way for you to keep up to date on the latest items or on an item you want is to email us directly at customerservice@lltiques.com to ensure that an item is either in-stock or that we can put an item on the side that you wish to purchase. We are happy to accept layaway plans for purchasing larger priced items. No financing is necessary.

We thoroughly research all inventories we purchase before we put it on display. Our entire inventory is original and old, unless otherwise noted as brand new or reproduction. It is important for all our customers to understand what New Old Stock (NOS) is, as well as what to expect when buying original handmade antiques and primitives. If at anytime you purchase an item and have a question about the authenticity because of its condition, we ask that you contact us at customerservice@lltiques.com so that we may have the opportunity to explain about the piece that has been purchased.

Locating old store stock, antiques, primitives and incredible estate finds is a passion that has not wavered in all the years that we have been providing this beautiful memorabilia to the public. Although we may have quantities of old stock items, please note that once the quantities are bought up, they are gone for good.

Contacting us: We like to stay in contact with our customers at all times. For questions regarding a product please contact us at customerservice@lltiques.com. For sales information please contact us at customerservice@lltiques.com. For general questions regarding your shipment please contact us at customerservice@lltiques.com. Feel free to also contact us via telephone (or texting our phone number) at 212.‎729.7250. We answer all questions within a 24 hour period.

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