3 Vintage Original & Diff JOHN F. KENNEDY COMMEMORATIVE Plastic Charm Coins 1960

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Up for consideration is a set of three (3) JOHN F. KENNEDY PLASTIC CHARMS commemorating our great Presidet after he will killed.  You get all (3) three charms. These are rubbery plastic (Flexible) 1 1/8" inches by 1 3/8" inches that were produced at the time of the assassination. They all say "John Fitzgerald Kennedy" "1917-Our 35th President- 1963". The red one has a front facing image that says "Our Goal is not the Victory of Might But the Vindication of Right" on the reverse. The green and black ones face slightly right and say "Ask not What Your Country can Do for You. Ask What You can do for Your Country" on the reverse. These are very rare charms in unused condition. They are dusty. Old stock that was never used.