Antique Original DR. BLUMER'S LAXAL RX MEDICINE REMEDY Bottle Label for Baby

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Up for consideration is an original antique DR. BLUMER'S LAXAL label circa 1900s.  About 4" inches tall. Says "Laxal The Baby's Friend". These are from around 1900 when a lot of babies died from opium/morphine addiction caused by teething and quieting medications. The Pure Food and Drug Act had not been passed yet, but because of public outcry other medicines were brought out as a substitute.  This is one of those. It doesn't list what was actually in it (as was required by the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906), but claims it was Non-Alcoholic and contained "no Opium, Morphine or other habit producing drugs".  Says it was "A common sense remedy for Baby's complaints". Old stock.