Antique Original MEXICAN NIT HAIR KILLER Flyer Buffalo NY Roach Food 1890s

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Up for consideration is an original antique MEXICAN NIT KILLER FLYER circa 1890s.  Shows typical paper aging.  Never used, old stock.  One side features a Father Aren't and says "Father Arent's Rheumatic Porous Plaster". This was quack medicine. It pictures people with plasters all over them and says "It cures where all other Plasters fail". Says it was for lung weakness, sore throat, stiff neck, female weakness, lame back, inflamed breasts, even joint dislocation. Amazing. The opposite side is an advertisement for Mexican Hair Tonic and Nit killer. Says it destroyed all nits, but not humans. Was made by the "Mexican Roach Food Com in Buffalo, N.Y. These are from around 1890 and are in great shape for their age. They show typical paper aging. Showing both sides.