Vintage Old TINY-MITE RADIO DISPLAY STANDEE Counter-Top Display With Radios

Regular price $995.98

Up for consideration is an original vintage TINY-MITE RADIO STORE DISPLAY with radios circa 1950s. Cardboard counter die-cut standee with easel backing in patriotic red, white, and blue, advertising the Tiny-Mite miniature crystal radio. Measures 21” inches by 14” inches. Has two openings designed to hold the radios. Here we are offering the display complete with both radios! (The radios we have are subject to supplies on hand. The radios have some wear, but overall condition good displayable condition. These were inexpensive toys made over 50 years ago; we cannot guarantee that that these vintage crystal sets will still receive radio broadcast reception. If you want the display without the radios, it is available in our store.