Vintage Original CAP SHOOTING SLING SHOT ROCKET Novelty Dime Store Toy NOS

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Up for consideration is an original vintage CAP SHOOTING SLING SHOT ROCKET novelty toy in header bag circa 1960s.  About 2" inches tall, cap bombs with a launcher in untouhed header bag. Unused old stock in nice shape from the 1960s. The headers say "Bang Cap Shooting" "Sling Shot Hi-Flying Rockets. It looks like they were rubber band powered. Nice illustration of a boy slinging one. These were old stock from a store up north where they had pulled them out of storage and priced them at 75¢ as you can see on the header bag there. There are a lot of cap bomb collectors and this is an unusual and scarce one.   Color of toys may vary from what is in picture, please no special requests.