Vintage Original CLYDE COLLINS' Memphis TN Fruit Powder Drink in Envelope Full

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Up for consideration is an original full packet of CLYDE COLLINS FRUIT POWDER DRINK circa 1950s.  About 3" inches tall, filled with powder, never used.  Has an image of period kids and have a copyright date of 1936 on them. This was a Kool Aid type drink, and they come in a couple of different flavors. They say "Collins' Delicious Penny Drink" "1 Quart Costs 1¢". "Clyde Collins, Inc. Memphis, Tenn." The back gives directions for making frozen cubes and one quart of the drink. Nice full packs in unused condition. They are dusty though. They clean up well. You rarely find these kinds of items intact. Moisture and pests were a problem. So, this is a fairly rare item. Please no special requests for flavor nor colors